Katz Lunch Plate 149,-

Breaded fish fillet with remoulade, smoked salmon, finely chopped red onion and dill, a slice of danish cheese with pepper, chicken salad with bacon, roast beef with roasted onion and mustard mayo and fruit. Served with a basket of home baked bread and organic butter

Butter Fried Plaice Fillet 119,-

Breaded and butter fried plaice fillet with homemade remoulade, shallots, lemon, and dill. Served with rye bread

Shrimps Scandinavian Style (80g) 99,-

Butter roasted slice of kernel bread, lemon mayo, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, radish crudité, red onion and cress

Croque Monsieur 99,-

Grilled bread with ham, cheese, tomato, bechamel sauce, and salad vinaigrette

Croque Madame 109,-

Grilled bread with ham, cheese, tomato, bechamel sauce, and salad vinaigrette. Topped with an egg 

Homemade Danish Chicken Salad 99,-

Roasted rye bread with mustard mayo, bacon, pickled red onion, and water cress

Parisian Steak (220g) 129,-

Pickles and beetroot, egg yolk, roasted slice of kernel bread, mixed salad marinated in vinaigrette, freshly grated horseradish, browned butter with capers and chopped shallots

Avocado sandwich (V) 79,-

Avocado on roasted rye bread with sour cream dressing, tomatoes, fried egg, lemon curd, chili, and water cress

Tuna Mousse Sandwich 119,-

Kernel bread, homemade tuna mousse in sour cream dressing, pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, and dill


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