Katz Lunch Plate 149,-

Breaded fish fillet with remoulade, spiced herring with capers, finely chopped red onion and dill, brie and a slice of danish cheese with pepper, roast beef with roasted onions and mustard mayo, fruit and horseradish cream. Served with home-baked bread and organic butter
Add: Cold smoked salmon or Shrimps Scandinavian style +35,-

Breaded Plaice Fillet 129,-

Butter steamed small potatoes, browned butter with capers, chopped shallots, lemon, chervil and dill

Shrimps Scandinavian Style (80g) 99,-

Butter roasted slice of kernel bread, lemon mayo, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, radish crudité, red onion and cress

Croque Monsieur 109,-

With Bechamel sauce, tomato, ham and salad vinaigrette

Homemade Danish Chicken Salad 99,-

Roasted rye bread with Danish mustard mayo, chicken, bacon, pickled red onion and watercress

Bookmaker 139,-

Beef on butter roasted slice of kernel bread with horseradish cream, larch mayo, roasted onions, pickled red onion and watercress. Served with fries and dip

Parisian Steak (220g) 129,-

Pickle and beetroot splash, egg yolk, butter roasted slice of kernel bread, mixed salad with vinaigrette, freshly grated horseradish, browned butter with capers and chopped shallots

Open-faced Sandwich with Potato 89,-

Small potatoes marinated in mustard mayo on roasted slice of kernel bread, chopped shallots and parsley, pickled red onion, roasted onion, larch mayo and chickweed


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