CHOOSE 4 dishes for 139,-

  • Bread basket with home-baked kernel bread, rye bread and organic butter V 39,-

  • Homemade jam made from a mix of berries V G L 29,-

  • Homemade hazelnut spread with crunchy white chocolate V G N 29,-

  • Smoked salmon with sour cream, lemoncurd, dill, lollo bionda lettuce,radishes and red onion G 49,-

  • Matured Havarti cheese with jam made from a mix of berries V G 39,-

  • Avocado with mango creme fraiche, lemon crud and chili V G 49,-

  • Melon with agave syrup, vanilla and mint V L 39,-

  • Yoghurt with fresh berries and granola V N 39,-

  • Scrambled eggs with ketchup, chives and cress V G 39,-

  • Fried eggs with chives and cress V G L 39,-

  • Fried sausages with homemade mustard, garlic mayo and parsley L G 39,-

  • Fried bacon with thyme L G 29,-

  • Two small croissants with chocolate and raspberry powder V N 39,-


You can easily use our online reservation system to book a table – if you make use of this, it should be min. 9 hours before arrival. Otherwise you can always give us a call and book over the phone

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